This West Is OUR West

Who We Are

Our website is dedicated to keeping you informed on the issues pertaining to property, land and water rights, tribal issues, the CSKT water compact, and the ongoing attack against our freedoms. And, as you likely are aware, the constant onslaught continues on steroids. Our country is under siege from government over-reach and the expansion of a governing system that is removing state jurisdiction and protection of citizen rights through an international/global agenda—all working with separate but congruent goals that are clearly eradicating constitutional, God-given rights.

This West is OUR West is a collection of voices throughout the Western States with three things in common:

  • As landowners, irrigators, farmers and ranchers we all need adequate land and water to provide America’s food supply; and
  • We all have targets on our back as the federal government, greenies, globalists and the unconstitutional use of the many unelected regulatory agencies come after our land and water in the Western States.
  • We are dedicated to preserving our God-given rights to property, freedom of speech and the constitutional rule of law.

Our website is organized to provide the following user-friendly services:

Citizens can go directly to their respective State links for current information about how these national and international forces are taking their toll on local communities and landowners.

Citizens can go to specific subject areas for deeper study in the Issues, News and Legal sections such as policies, regulations, court rulings and timely articles in the news, and become better informed, strengthened and engaged as we stand together to protect our constitutional, civil and property rights.

We share common concerns, provide useful information and offer networking capabilities among the voices across the West. Every voice counts. Many voices increase the strength needed to ensure that our constitutional rights and our property and water rights are not stolen by federal or international entities or inappropriately abandoned by states who own their waters.