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How Many Children Have Been Kidnapped by State CPS Agencies? One Woman Creates A Plaque for Each One



There are approximately 450,000 children currently in foster care in the United States, and nationwide statistics show that only about 15% of them were removed from their homes due to allegations of abuse, but instead for “neglect,” which could be something defined as “medical neglect” because a parent disagreed with a doctor over medical treatment, or even just wanted to seek a second opinion.

The vast majority of these children come from poor homes, where parents cannot afford legal help to fight the system. Even in cases where parents are accused of “abuse,” many cases are not substantiated and charges are never filed against the parents.

Foster care is also the #1 pipeline for children to enter the lucrative child sex trafficking networks.

One woman has taken it upon herself to make sure these children are not forgotten, as she makes a plaque for each one she is aware of, and hangs it up on her fence surrounding her yard. She reportedly has over 3000 plaques representing over 4000 names.