This West Is OUR West

The Second Civil War: Examining the Indian Demand for Ethnic Sovereignty

By T. David Price

America’s Indian tribes are this country’s most advanced experiment in group rights verses individual rights; and in group sovereignty verses individual sovereignty. They are also our clearest demonstration of where the acceptance of these concepts are taking the rest of our country. Author David Price understands and demonstrates that the basic issue of federal Indian policy is a question of sovereignty. The same issue that was the primary reason for the Civil War. He shares many examples of how tribal sovereignty destroys the basic human rights of the Indians and non-Indians who are affected by it. He then traces and demolishes the tortured logic and myths that support the concept. His book has an excellent section on the issue of Indian treaties. Price tracks modern Indian policy to Indian activism of the late 1960’s and early 1970’s and the resulting capitulation of the federal government. This capitulation has resulted in modern support for racially segregated Indian homelands in America.

This book can change the way people think about “tribal sovereignty.”


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