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The American Indian Law Deskbook

Compilation by Conference of Western Attorneys General

Hardy Myers, Clay Smith

University Press of Colorado, 2004

A collaborative effort from Attorney General Offices throughout the country -- faced daily with legal questions involving state and tribal relations -- The American Indian Law Deskbook, Third Edition, is an up-to-date, comprehensive treatise on Indian law. The Deskbook provides readers with the necessary historical and legal framework to understand the complexities faced by states, Indian tribes, and the federal government in Indian country. Included are discussions of: The evolution of federal statutory Indian law and the judicial foundations of federal Indian policy; An extensive compilation and analysis of federal and state court decisions; Reservation and Indian lands ownership and property interests; The parameters of criminal jurisdiction in Indian country; Concepts of tribal sovereignty and jurisdiction relating to a number of specific areas including tribal courts, hunting and fishing, environmental regulation, water rights, gaming, and child welfare; and Cooperative approaches used by the states and tribes for resolving jurisdiction disputes and promoting better relations. Thorough, scholarly, and balanced, The American Indian Law Deskbook, Third Edition, is an invaluable reference for a wide range of people working with Indian tribes, including attorneys and legal scholars, government officials, social workers, state and tribal jurists, and historians. This revised edition includes information from court decisions, federal statutes, and administrative regulations through June 2003 as well as law review articles through the Spring of 2003.

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