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New EU Military Tips Globalist Hand


Written by Bill Hahn Monday, 27 November 2017 21:41


New EU Military Tips Globalist Hand

Image: News Photo from Wikimedia Commons, public domain. 


Globalists of the European Union recently released their plan to create a dedicated military out of the armed forces of its member states. In an attempt to confuse the public, it is named the “Permanent Structured Cooperation” (PESCO) on defense. It’s also been dubbed a “Defense Union.” Why should we in the U.S. care? Because this scheme tips the hand of globalists by revealing yet another way how national sovereignty is stripped piece-by-piece.

How so? The accountability and loyalty of these troops would shift from their home country to that of the supranational bureaucracy. How would we Americans enjoy fighting proxy wars to attain the goals of others? Now, we can make the argument that this has already occurred to no small degree under the United Nations and NATO, but at least we still maintain some semblance of control.

But let’s take this a step further and look to see how something similar is occurring right here on the streets of America.

It’s called Strong Cities Network (SCN). As The New American reported in October 2015, SCN “is a program hatched by the Department of Justice wherein control of local law enforcement is handed over to a London-based think-tank called the Institute for Strategic Dialogue (ISD).”

The New American states, “In Europe, ISD has gained a reputation for being committed to the identification and targeting of ‘far right extremists.”

Then Attorney General Loretta Lynch described the goal of the SCN while making the announcement at the United Nations, “Connecting those localities to one another — as the Strong Cities Network is doing — is not only a powerful way to lift up our communities worldwide.  It also sends a message about who we are and what we aspire to be — as an alliance of nations and as a global community.”

Those communities will be led to reflect the goals of a global consortium instead of local constituents, which also means having local law enforcement answer to the unaccountable global bureaucracy. Local police would no longer be serving local communities. Local accountability and control would be thrown out the window.

Currently, the SCN web site shows nine American cities and counties as members. To our knowledge, the Department of Justice under the Trump administration has not taken public steps to renounce this initiative.

With Congress in budget negotiations, now is the time to act! 

Contact your representative (202-225-3121) and senators (202-224-3121) by phone and urge them to prevent federal funding to go to the Strong Cities Network. Educate them on the overall scheme of the United Nations and the urgent threat of the militarization of police. Don’t forget to email your representative and senators as well! 

Tell them you support your local police and that they need to be kept independent! To get involved with our long-running Support Your Local Police and Keep Them Independent project, check out our site for educational tools. Then learn about local involvement by contacting your John Birch Society local field coordinator today!