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Date: Jan 28, 2019

Re: Request for Help to Stop the Installation of Extreme-Density 4G and 5G CPRMAs in Residential Zones

Today, 25% of the US Federal government is finally reopening and I am scheduled to visit the FCC tomorrow to file a formal complaint against Crown Castle for the public health crisis created by this cell tower:

Please excuse this intrusion in your email in-box. We may or may not know each other personally, but I am writing to you because you are one of the 800 or so people who completed a form on opposing the Big Wireless Industry agenda to install Extreme-Density 4G and 5G Close Proximity Microwave Radiation Antennas (CPMRAs), aka so-called 'Small Cell' cell towers, in the public rights-of-way in your community.

If you are receiving this, but did not fill out such a form, then I collected your email address from our direct correspondence. Forgive me if my lists have any duplicates. In the last two years, I have helped many communities fight CPRMRA applications and have documented our efforts at these web sites, listed below: (our current lobbying strategies are listed here)

Note: Anyone is free to use any of the information posted on these web sites, without permission, but please just credit the web site directly and not me by name. I do not mass-email often, but we have reached a critically important time, so I am reaching out to you today -- for your help.

WE GOT THE VETO OF CA SB.649 in October, 2017

I kept my promise and delivered the completed form submissions, in person, directly to Gov. Jerry Brown when I met him in Santa Rosa on Oct 14, 2017. Either Brown, himself, or someone on his staff, read the form submissions on the helicopter ride from Santa Rosa back to Sacramento that day. I credit your comments on these form submissions as the most timely and persuasive items that convinced Gov. Brown to veto SB.649, CA's heinous 'Small Cell' deployment bill. Thank you.

My efforts that day were acts of 'Hail Mary Democracy.' Nearly all activists had given up lobbying against SB.649 by then. I pushed to the very end. Gov. Brown gave us all that sweet veto at midnight on Oct 15, 2017.

We are at a similar 'Hail Mary Democracy' point right now with respect to FCC 18-133: The Wireless and Wireline Infrastructure Order:

Portions of 18-133 allegedly ripened in the Federal Register on Jan 14, 2019 (FCC rules for shot clocks and fees), while other portions will allegedly ripen three months later on April 15, 2019 (FCC Rules for aesthetic requirements).

But that's not the whole story.

We had a government shutdown which affected the FCC from Jan 3 through Jan 25 -- adding 17 days to the 90 days of the ripening of FCC 18-133. That means, by my calculations, the first part of 18-133 may not ripen until 28 days after Jan 28 --  or Feb 25, 2019. I will clarify this tomorrow when I visit the FCC.

Also, there are several law suits filed by the City of San Jose et al. vs FCC, requesting from the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals a Stay and an eventual Dismissal of FCC 18-133 and a Dismissal of FCC 18-111:

This is the same outcome envisioned by Rep. Anna Eshoo (D-CA) in her Jan 14, 2019 bill, HR.530 that declares that both FCC 18–333 and FCC 18–111 'shall have no force or effect.'


I am writing from Washington, DC and will be here lobbying through the first two weeks in February.

We have about three weeks left to preserve the hard-won victories we have achieved in CA and in 28 other states that did not pass a state Small Cell Deployment bill. We wish to preserve our local communities' rights to regulate the integration of broadband technology in ways that maintain the residential character of our respective communities. In short, a top-down, one-size-fits-all, wireless-only approach from the FCC is not acceptable, as it will create access barriers to the homes and communities of Electromagnetic Sensitive Americans.

There is more to read below, but what we are asking for your help in executing our strategies over the next three weeks.

Specifically, we are asking for your help with the following:

A. Your help with a donation -- I have been volunteering my time, full-time for over two years for this cause. Since Sept 2018, with others, we collected $9,145 from 40 donations -- which is about 20% of what we need -- and which is now depleted (the average donation has been about $230). The money does not pay for our time, but covers some expenses: flights, ground transportation, and printing costs. Fortunately, lodging has been free, since I have been commuting from a home in Baltimore to Washington DC. We have lobbied full-time in Washington, DC for nine weeks from Oct 2018 through Feb 2019. We are also paying the monthly costs of an ADA specialist, attorney/lobbyist and messaging professional. We are working right now -- from the inside -- to help strengthen the arguments for 'irreparable harm' and 'damage to public interest' in the City of San Jose et al. vs FCC case. This is timely and important work. I am talking time from that work to write this email.

Please ask yourself . . . 'What you would pay to not have a so-called Small Cell in front of your house?'

. . . and then please consider donating at least a portion of that amount here:

Thank you for your consideration in making a donation today. We would really appreciate it. Please also forward this email to people you know, who would like to get FCC 18-133 dismissed.

B. Your help in identifying EMS All-Stars -- people who are willing go through a process of filing ADA Claims with their respective towns and cities, asking for reasonable accommodation from CPMRA installations near their homes. The All-Star designation is for people who have or can get medical diagnoses for their Electromagnetic Sensitivity and can spend, or raise, about $3,500 to cover the cost of ADA-coaching for your physician to get the strongest letter, to get expert ADA language tailored to the specific claim and to get help filing and following through on your claim. All of this will be worked out directly with our ADA specialist and is separate from any donation you might make at If you or someone else can fill this role or sponsor someone else who can fill this role, then please email me asap at so we can discuss the details. You can see some examples in the following web pages:

C. Other information that provides some detail about the Gov. Brown veto and what we are working on right now for Our Town, Our Choice.


On Oct 14, 2017, CA Gov. Jerry Brown, U.S. Senators Dianne Feinstein and Kamala Harris and others traveled to a community meeting held at the Santa Rosa High School to meet with victims of the tragic California fires that started on 10/8/17. Our elected leaders and emergency personnel, who responded to this disaster with precision, action and wisdom, spoke to the community and invited questions.

I arrived early to the meeting and staked out a spot in the second row, just behind where I guessed the VIPs would sit. I guessed right. As Governor Jerry Brown entered, I stood up, extended my hand and greeted him: 'Governor Brown!'

Jerry Brown shook my hand, and said 'You look important, what is your name and what do you do?'

I shook his hand and did not let go for almost ten minutes. I spoke to Brown about how communications during the first few critical hours of a disaster need to be robust and not fragile. We discussed that Wireline not Wireless communications technology performed better in this fire disaster and that One Big Dig for California i.e. undergrounding Fiber-Optic, Coaxial and Copper lines in the rebuild would make this public utility asset more defensible from attack from future disasters or terrorism.

Finally, I mentioned that a bill on his desk right now, SB.649 — Wireless Tools of Commerce, would present a new, potent fire hazard to every community in California — the 28 cubic foot ancillary equipment boxes next to each utility-pole-mounted cell antenna would contain back up power systems (nickel cadmium or lithium-ion batteries, like the ones in Tesla cars that catch fire, or propane/diesel generators). These would become bombs on the sidewalks in a fire. I asked him to veto this unnecessary Bill, SB.649, because it would be a fire hazard and take away local communities’ abilities to plan and execute the best future for their residents.

The next day, on Oct 15, 2017, Gov. Jerry Brown, thankfully, vetoed SB.649, CA's heinous 'Small Cell' deployment bill.



We don't. If you agree, please help us convince our Federal Legislators to cancel FCC Dockets 17-79 & 17-84 via House Bill, HR.530 — a bill introduced by Congresswomen Anna Eshoo (D-CA-18) and Jackie Speier (D-CA-14) on Jan 14, 2019 — a bill that states that FCC actions in 18-111 and 18-133 'shall have no force or effect.' This House bill seems to be similar to a Congressional Review Act. HR.530 provides effective oversight of the FCC and preserves the rights of states and local communities over the siting of Wireless Telecommunications Facilities (WTFs).

We also aim to convince our legislators to oppose HR.7236, the Radiofrequency Radiation Site Safety Information Act and to significantly amend S.3157, the Streamline Small Cell Deployment Act, and any other Telecom-gifting bills. As written, FCC 17-79 and S.3157 would allow Telecom companies to place a dense network of high-intensity 4G and 5G microwave radiating cellular antennas in front of homes, across America. S.3157 and the premature implementation of S.3157 by the FCC, would severely reduce local revenues, shorten review times for applications and curtail local control over siting of cell towers.


No, they are not, because 5G antennas can be collocated on Macro Cell Towers that already have 4G antennas. In June, 2018, Lowell McAdam, CEO of Verizon stated: 'We have now busted the myth that 5G has to be line-of-sight. It does not. We busted the myth that foliage will shut 5G down . . . that does not happen. And the 200 feet from a home? We are now designing the network for over 2,000 feet from transmitter to receiver.' 5G antennas can be installed on Macro Cell Towers, as can be seen here:


Problems with cell towers in front of homes include lowered property values, visual blight, fire hazards and excessive noise from cooling the ancillary equipment (up to 28 cubic feet) for each antenna. There is also a large body of science that reports adverse health effects from RF microwave radiation exposures — 209 leading scientists, doctors and others signed an Appeal calling for a moratorium on 5G due to the serious adverse health effects from 24/7 RF microwave radiation exposures.

Cell towers in residential neighborhoods would also create an access barrier to the homes and communities of Americans with Electromagnetic Sensitivity (EMS), an environmentally-induced medical illness that can be caused by RF microwave radiation exposures. These Americans (estimated to be 25,000,000 Americans and growing) with Federally-recognized ADA disability rights, would be barred from accessing public spaces and could be forced to move from their homes.

Thanks for your time in reading this admittedly-long email. Forgive me. I did not have the time to make it any shorter. I would appreciate any help that you can provide.



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