This West Is OUR West

Vote for Gale Decker for county commissioner

We don't need a tribal member in the county commissioner's office.  They have their own government.  It's bad enough that Janette Campbell is on the County Planning Board.  Enough is enough.

Remember the Felsman letter:"....Those whites which cannot be bought or taxed out will have to be encouraged to leave by other means..."

The state of Montana has lost 2 counties to the Tribes, I don't intend to see a third county go under the bus.  Lake county is 5/6 non-tribal and 1/6 tribal.  The tribe has been granted their OWN government, of which we are allowed NO participation.  They are NOT required to follow Lake County rules or regulations and WE are NOT allowed to participate in their freedom from county rules and regulations.

Carol MacDonald might be a really nice person and capable of holding office.....but NOT civil office influencing restrictions upon US, the non-tribe 5/6's of this county.  If she wants to rule, let her rule in her own government - NOT ours.

Vote Gale Decker and SPREAD THE WORD TO EVERYONE YOU KNOW OR MEET.  Vote Gale Decker!!

Michael Gale

August 4, 2018