This West Is OUR West

Rogue Agents in Overreaching Agencies, such as The BLM and USFS Need Reigning In & Prosecution

By Elaine Willman

January 24, 2017

The story on the link below is chilling and comes to me from my long-time friend, Chris Kortlander; founding director of the Custer Battlefield Museum located in Garryowen, MT, a private town he owns located on the battlefield.  Chris was harassed immensely by the BLM, National Park Service, Federal Fish and Wildlife Services, and many other federal agencies.  They accused Chris of illegally acquiring a button and suspender buckle or some goofy thing. He lived with 5 years of facing potential "Indictment," and was threatened with forfeiture of the collections and his town and an 84 year prison sentence.  He lost tens of thousands of dollars in legal fees and legally acquired museum artifacts....until similar harassment upon a prominent physician in Utah, and others...caused suicides.

Chris sent me the link below because he lived (barely) through similar conduct from federal agents, and only when other related suicides occurred and Senator Oren Hatch finally put a stop to the nonsense, did the BLM and the US Attorney’s office harassing Chris send him a letter dropping all "investigations," with no further threats of "indictment," closing the case.

The reason I am writing this is that I think Mr. Weaver's suicide described below deserves publication. Thank God we have a new administration so that perhaps some sense of fairness and sanity will rein in the federal thugs harassing American citizens, confiscating their properties, murdering them (Lavoy Finicum) or putting them in prison as political prisoners.  This is scary stuff in this country that just has to stop!  These issues need more public "sunshine" that small town and mainstream newspapers are loath to print.

Here is hope for a remedy coming soon: